It’s time for human-like perception for mobile robots

We strongly believe that vision-based mobile autonomous robots are essential to creating a modern, self-improving, and safe facility.

We spent more than two years developing our proprietary vision module, optimized for the unique requirements of autonomous mobile robots and the variety of tasks they need to complete, from floor-to-floor, floor-to-rack, and indoor-to-outdoor.

Powered by AI and 3D vision, our autonomous mobile robots see, understand, localize and navigate across any indoor or outdoor environment, working safely alongside people and equipment by adjusting to their movements and ever-changing working conditions

Visual display that highlights the following points that the Gideon fleet provide: AI enfused, rich 3D maps of the environment, unrivaled human-robot interaction, proprietary camera sensor designed for autonomonous navigation


Gideon Vision module:
uniquely designed for autonomous visual

Our proprietary stereovision camera based on AI and 3D vision provides rich data needed to understand the environment and adapt to its changes.

The vision module is essential for the self-localization and navigation of your robots and helps them make real-time decisions.

The Gideon Brothers Vision Module displayed broken down to its constituent parts

Full 3D coverage, wide field of view and premium IMU

Extendable to a multi-stereo camera system to achieve full coverage around vehicles. Wide field of view (FOV) and premium Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) ensure high localization and navigation performance.

Improved visibility and robustness to environmental conditions

Premium global shutter image sensors for excellent visibility even in low-lighting conditions, and mixed in- and outdoor environments, sun, or rain

Ease of integration

Precise synchronization between multiple cameras and computers. Integration into industrial-grade applications/vehicles via Gigabit Ethernet interface and easily adaptable to work with existing equipment.

Depth estimation

Animation of an AMR travelling through a warehouse


Constant performance improvement: understand and adapt to the environment in real-time.

With human-like perception and dense 3D mapping supported by AI algorithms, your robots can understand, detect changes, learn from their ever-changing environment, and work alongside people by adjusting to humans’ unpredictable behavior.

To fully understand its environment and react in real-time, the robots are processing high-volume data stored internally, making them independent of any external infrastructure. They can also operate independently of network connections.

Computer illustration of two CargoBot 1000s in a warehouse setting

Semantic segmentation

Display of the viewpoint from a Cargobot 1000

Pallet instance segmentation

Display of the viewpoint from a Cargobot 1000

3D pose estimation

Display of the viewpoint from a Cargobot 1000


Self-localization: modeling the environment in full 3D

Using rich data provided by our cameras and built-in sensors, the localization system provides robust and precise self-localization for your robots. It is the primary driver for building accurate environment maps in full 3D, which helps them autonomously navigate.

The map building process produces dense 3D environmental models crucial for the robots’ self-localization and navigation, matching what the robot perceives real-time with the 3D maps.

Our AI algorithms detect changes and always maintain up-to-date maps of the environment, providing the robots with high flexibility and enabling a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors and vice-versa.

The view from a CargoBot 1000 showing the interior of a warehouse


Intelligent, flexible, and safe: the next generation of robot navigation.

We believe your processes and applications fields should be 
driving your robots’ behavior, not the other way around.

Our visual autonomy solutions support a flexible, free-ranging navigation strategy, enabling the robots to efficiently interact with various equipment, dynamic and static obstacles, finding the fastest and safest path to complete the operation.

With safety first in mind, our visual autonomy goes way beyond the ISO/IEC/ANSI regulatory requirements, making it safe for people and adaptable to their unpredictable behavior.

A Gideon Brothers employee working alongside a CargoBot 1000 in a warehouse

Our vision of an automated, self-improving crisis-proof facility

An illustration about the Learning Facility: Real-Time Data Acquisition, Monitoring, Analytics, Annotation, Training, Teleoperations, Exceptions Handling

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