(Video Post) Spotted in the wild: Gideon Brothers’ autonomous collaborative robots

The autonomous pallet-carrier is industriously threading down the central aisle of the distribution center, carrying its load of 800 kg. An operator on a forklift suddenly exits from one of the side aisles, the pallet-carrier sees it, stops, waits for the forklift operator to drive by, and continues its route. It’s got a mission: go to point A, pick up the load awaiting there, go to point B, and drop the load there. Another mission accomplished for Gideon Brothers’ autonomous mobile robot.

Want to see how an autonomous collaborative robot goes about its tasks? The , filmed at the largest distribution center of Orbico Croatia, shows how the collaborative robot platform interacts with its environment. Our cameras caught an unrehearsed meeting of the forklift operator and the robot.

Orbico Croatia has deployed our robots in a pilot, exploring the new efficiencies and flexibilities it can bring to its operations. The company is part of Orbico Group, a leading European FMCG distributor, with annual revenue of €2.3 billion from 20 European markets.

Tokić, the largest Croatian car-parts retailer, was the first to launch a pilot with Gideon Brothers at their Zagreb distribution center, which stocks more than 200.000 articles. The Tokić roll-out started with a training session for Tokić employees.

The set up took only several hours, and by the end of Day One at Tokić, the robot was transporting its first payloads…

… and interacting with employees going about their jobs.

Several weeks into the Tokić pilot, a warehouse manager shared his team’s experiences in an interview with our customer success engineers. „It’s easy – for anyone who knows how to pick up a cell phone,” he noted.




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The 5-part Easy Logistics playlist and a 3-part Pallet Handling Robot Guide playlist, both available on the company’s YouTube channel, introduce customers to everything from how to turn the robot on/off to how to activate a mission or change the battery.

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