Smart automation. Zero fuss.

Plug-and-play autonomous robots that transport loads up to 1000 kg (2200 lbs).
Equipped with our breakthrough autonomy technology based on advanced visual perception

The CargoBot 1000 AMR

CargoBot 1000

Modular material handling platform with a load capacity of 1000 kg (2200 lbs), customizable for transporting loads in various containters or shelving units.

CargoBot operates autonomously – it plots its route by itself, from the pick-up to drop-off point, avoiding any obstacles, people and human-operated vehicles it encounters. The platform has a 360-degree sensor coverage and a range of safety features, including blue light and audio and visual signals.

The LiftBot 1000 AMR

LiftBot 1000

Designed to carry loads on pallets, LiftBot 1000 is a powerful automation tool. It comes equipped with a scissor lifting mechanism and can transport and lift up 1000 kg (2200 lbs).

LiftBot 1000 is intended for use in any industry-standard indoor manufacturing, logistics or warehousing facility. Thanks to Gideon Brothers’ advanced visual perception, it can safely operate around people and human-operated vehicles.

CargoBot and LiftBot basic specifications

  • Dimensions: 1345 x 902 x 310 mm
    (52.95 x 35.51 x 12.20 in)
  • Battery: 10h (hot-swappable, charging pads optional)
  • Pallet type: EPAL 1, EPAL 3

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Connect our autonomous mobile robots with your conveyor system and other infrastructure.
Facilitate a deeper integration into your operations.

Conveyor add-on addition to CargoBot


The Conveyor add-on allows a seamless connection of CargoBots with your existing conveyor systems. The add-on is equipped with actuated rollers for active unloading and pick-up.

Ideal for crowded manufacturing environments where flexibility and robustness play a crucial role and traditional, fixed infrastructure is impossible to implement.

  • Adjustable height: 450 – 650 mm (17.72 – 25.59 in)
  • Laser pallet detection
  • Pallet type: EPAL1, EPAL3
Highlighting the touchscreen device mount of an ARM

Follow Me

Thanks to advanced visual perception, our robots can follow a single person, even when around other people and vehicles. Depending on the level of integration into the facility’s WMS and other systems, it can also guide people around the facility.

To facilitate workflows for this addition, the robot can be fitted with a touchscreen device mount.

Example of the weight measurement unit of an ARM

Weight measurement

A built-in device that allows the robot to measure the weight of the load it lifts.

Save time and get rid of scales or weight-bridges by letting our robots weigh the load on the go. The users’ system can gather the data on the load weights to estimate freight costs or help with QA. The precision of the weight measurement unit is within 1%.


The range of accessories includes pallet stands for pick-up and drop-off points and Pallet Handling Stations connecting LiftBots, forklifts, and conveyor infrastructure.

Viewpoints of the Pallet Stand

Pallet stand

Heavy-duty pallet stands serve as dedicated pick-up and drop-off points for our LiftBots 1000.

The pallet stands connect the LiftBots with your forklifts and similar equipment. Designed for durability and easy assembly and disassembly.

  • Load surface: 1200 x 800 mm or 1200 x 1000 mm (47.24 x 31.50 or 47.24 x 39.37 in)
  • Load capacity: 1000 kg (2200 lbs)
  • Pallet type: EPAL1, EPAL3
Example of the Pallet Handling Station

Pallet Handling Station

The Pallet Handling Station is designed to expand the
capabilities of our LiftBot 1000 and connect it to conveyor lines. It is also compatible with pallet jacks and similar equipment.

The station is designed to carry one pallet and allow
LiftBots to go beneath the pallet, lift it and move away from the station (and vice versa). Designed for quick assembly and equipped with industry-standard safety features.

  • Dimensions: 1752 x 1745 x 1208 mm (68.98 x 68.7 x 47.56 in)
  • Actuated rollers
  • Vertical lifting range: 75 – 500 mm (2.95 – 19.69 in)

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Fleet Management

We believe simplicity is the real game-changer. All-in-one software for smart workflow orchestration.

A Gideon Brothers employee working working with the AMR fleet.

User-friendly robot control, analytics, and coordination

Fleet Management handles everything – coordinating fleet vehicles, mission management, monitoring, and analytics. The browser-based interface requires no specific skillsets to set up the entire fleet and can be used from any device connected to the local network.

Edit the robots’ map of the facility or set up no-go and other zones, template missions, pick-up and drop-off points.

  • Coordinating fleet vehicles
  • Mission management
  • Monitoring and analytics

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