New video series introduces customers to break-through autonomous logistics robot

New video series introduces customers to break-through autonomous logistics robot

Croatian AI and robotics company, Gideon Brothers, introduced two new video series today. The videos help customers familiarize themselves with Gideon’s autonomous pallet transport robot. The robot, intended for use in warehouse and manufacturing logistics, is capable of moving 800 kg and is designed to safely navigate around people, equipment as well as other moving machines. There is a 5-part Easy Logistics playlist and a 3-part Pallet Handling Robot Guide playlist – both available on the company’s YouTube channel. The videos introduce concepts like how to turn the robot on/off, activate a mission or change the battery. The material was filmed on-location at a customer facility, with their permission.

Unlike the majority of mobile logistics collaborative robots (“cobots”) which rely on LiDAR for navigation, Gideon’s is based on human-like (stereo vision) perception. The novel approach endows the machine with unparalleled autonomy, environmental perception (which improves safety) and data collection capabilities. Gideon Brothers is one of only three such vision-based developers in the world and the only one in Europe.


About Gideon Brothers

Gideon Brothers is a Croatian robot technology company, founded in 2017. Its 50-person team includes 8 PhDs and 31 Masters of robotics hardware and AI software.

In 2018, the company received several awards, including:

Gideon Brothers are members of the prestigious, invite-only, Paris Hardware Club.

Taavet Hinrikus, Co-Founder of TransferWise, an investor, had this to say:

“This is one of the leading deep tech teams in Europe. They have a breakthrough product which addresses a very real and large industrial workforce problem.”

Logistics is a market that is currently in love with mobile robots. The market has shown steep growth since 2015 and will breach $53bn by 2022.

The company is launching its pilot program within the facilities of three international CEE groups. The companies have combined revenues of $3.16bn, operations in over 40 countries and more than 8,500 employees.

Watch more!

Click for Gideon Brothers’ YouTube channel bringing more videos on the technology, robot sightings in the wild and behind-the-scenes peeks.

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