Ordinary Robots Fuelling an Extraordinary Human Future

Ordinary Robots Fuelling an Extraordinary Human Future

Gideon Brothers was honored this afternoon as a Business Leader at the culmination of the 2018 Digital Takeover Conference at Zagreb’s Branimir Center. The startup robotics company received the award based on their contribution to the development of robotics as an entrepreneurial branch in Croatia.

A 2-minute video about the company was presented at the ceremony. CEO, Matija Kopić, and CGO, Milan A. Račić, accepted the award on behalf of the company.

In his acceptance speech, Kopić spoke of the impact of robotics:

"To say that we are on the brink of the largest transformation in history is not an overstatement. Robotics will change how we live, work and play to a greater degree than the Internet of 20 years ago. There are already many industries where robots (and AI) are so embedded that it is impossible to imagine what came before them. The new mobility and flexibility of modern robotic platforms are driving adoption even higher."

Račić focused on how robotics will help make Croatia great:

"We have decaying factories all over the country. We have young, capable people leaving in search of opportunities elsewhere. At Gideon Brothers, we see a different future. We see a Croatia with a dynamic economy that can become a magnet for young people from around the world. Robots are tools that will help us turn our consistently sad story into a story of growth and rebirth. That is the Croatia we are building."

About Gideon

We are developing a robot autonomy that layers deep learning on top of camera-based perception which creates a new type of robot vision that is as reliable but 10x cheaper than LIDAR and (unlike LIDAR) data-rich. The combination of hardware and software carries the capacity to convert a wide variety of industrial machines and vehicles into autonomous mobile robots that are safe in dynamic, people-filled spaces.

Our first commercially available product is an autonomous indoor transport vehicle, capable of moving 800kg. The intended market are logistics and manufacturing clients.


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