Technology Company Will Challenge Helsinki Delegates to Innovate

Technology Company Will Challenge Helsinki Delegates to Innovate


  • Gideon Brothers executives will speak at the European Business Robotics and AI Conference in Helsinki, Finland.
  • 200+ delegates from some of the world’s most important companies are participating in the conference on October 23rd & 24th.

(Zagreb, Oct 12, 2018) Two executives from one of this year’s winningest European robotics and AI technology companies, Gideon Brothers, will speak at the European Business Robotics and AI conference in Helsinki, Finland on October 23rd. Gideon Brothers is a leading developer of intelligent automation solutions for logistics and manufacturing clients.

Gideon Chief Growth Officer, Milan Račić, will address the 200+ technology executives from companies like Schenker AG, Volvo, Maersk, & IKEA in the opening day keynote. Račić recently delivered the latest win for Gideon at the Start.Up! Germany event, earning the company its most recent title: “Best Logistics and Mobility Start-up in the World.”

Gideon CEO, Matija Kopić, who pitched the Founders Forum in June 2018, earning the company the title of Europe’s “AI Rising Star,” will, along with Andrea Renda (Senior Fellow at CEPS, Chair for Digital Innovation at the College of Europa, and Member of the Blockchain Observatory and Forum of the European Commission in Belgium) and Berndt Müller, (Chair of the Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence in the UK), present “How to Deal with the Issues of AI Globally” at the conference.

Both Kopić and Račić are Gideon Brothers co-founders, along with 3 other technical co-founders who specialize in autonomy, hardware and software development.

Kopić is a two-time entrepreneur. He is a Seedcamp winner (2010) and 500 Startups class of 2011, with his former company, Farmeron (sold in 2016).

Račić comes from an aerospace manufacturing background in Canada (Bombardier), the United States and Germany (Fairchild Dornier) and has negotiated over $2 billion in sales, corporate finance and structured finance transactions.

The 41-person crew of Gideon Brothers includes 5 PhDs & 27 Masters of robot hardware and software.

The company builds a vision-based Robot Autonomy System that combines Deep Learning with stereoscopic cameras to create a new type of robot perception that is as reliable but 10x cheaper than LIDAR and (unlike LIDAR) data-rich.

The combination of hardware and software carries the capacity to convert a wide variety of industrial machines and vehicles into autonomous mobile robots that are safe in dynamic, people-filled spaces.

Their first commercially available product is an autonomous indoor logistics robot, capable of moving 800kg. The intended market for the self-driving vehicle are logistics and manufacturing clients. Their launch partners have operations in over 31 countries and a combined revenue of over €3B.


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