Josip Ćesić Appointed Head of Mobile Autonomy Team

Josip Ćesić Appointed Head of Mobile Autonomy Team

Gideon Brothers announced today that they have acquired Dr. Josip Ćesić, who will lead the company’s Autonomy Team. His team will be responsible for developing the software component that underpins Gideon’s self-driving platform.

Prior to joining Gideon Brothers, Dr. Ćesić was part of the team that developed one of the fastest and most accurate SLAM algorithms in the world. SLAM, which is an acronym for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping, is a component required for robots to move autonomously (the same algorithm used by the Mars Rover). He worked with Dr. Ivan Petrović at FER’s Department of Control and Computer Engineering (University of Zagreb) in their Mobile Robotics and Autonomous Systems laboratory.

Dr. Ćesić was awarded the Josip Lončar Silver Plaque for exemplary research on a PhD in November 2017. He has numerous recommendations from colleagues on both sides of the Atlantic. He is published in some of the most prestigious robotics journals, including Automatica.

Gideon Brothers’ new Head of Autonomous Technologies had this to say:

“What first drew me to Gideon Brothers was the caliber of the Executive team. We have a diversity of experience and style that in combination creates incredible dynamism. It’s an exciting environment to be part of. I’m very much looking forward to leading and mentoring the members of the Robot Autonomy Team.”

In a recent panel on robotics in Croatia, Dr. Ćesić talked about how the industry is evolving:

“Working in robotics just 10 years ago was a very different experience. We would be talking about automation in environments where it would be unsafe for a human to work alongside them. Today, the barriers are falling on so many levels. Robots are increasingly approachable and the range of applications is widening. The progress taking place in the area of robotic transport, alone, could remedy all sorts of world problems, such as poverty and inadequate health care.”

Gideon Brothers’ CEO, Matija Kopić had this to say:

"Josip is a consummate professional. It is no wonder why he is seen as one of the brightest stars in the field. He is a huge asset to our Gideon Brothers family."

About Gideon

We are developing a robot autonomy that layers deep learning on top of camera-based perception which creates a new type of robot vision that is as reliable but 10x cheaper than LIDAR and (unlike LIDAR) data-rich. The combination of hardware and software carries the capacity to convert a wide variety of industrial machines and vehicles into autonomous mobile robots that are safe in dynamic, people-filled spaces.

Our first commercially available product is an autonomous indoor transport vehicle, capable of moving 800kg. The intended market are logistics and manufacturing clients.


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