Gideon Brothers takes part in a PoC by DB Schenker and Volocopter

Gideon Brothers takes part in a PoC by DB Schenker and Volocopter

Zagreb, July 1st — The international logistics leader DB Schenker and the pioneer of urban air mobility Volocopter included autonomous mobile robots from Gideon Brothers in a static proof of concept for VoloDrone ground operations in logistic centers.

The static proof of concept tested how logistics operators can manage personnel, payloads, automated ground vehicles, and Volocopter’s heavy-lift drone to create an efficient process and a safe environment for future VoloDrone operations. The blueprint derived from these results will be the first of its kind and serve as a basis for integrating VoloDrone operations in logistics networks across the globe, realizing automation and sustainability ambitions in supply chains.

As part of the PoC, DB Schenker and Volocopter used a Gideon Brothers’ autonomous mobile robot to test the automated supply of the drone. The companies also tested the ground processes for coding goods, assessed safe cargo loads and goods, and identified other necessary pre-flight cargo checks.

The VoloDrone is fully electric, can transport a 200-kilogram payload up to 40 kilometers, and has 18 rotors and motors powering the electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.



Gideon Brothers specializes in the flexible automation of horizontal and vertical material handling processes for logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, and retail businesses. With its advanced AI&3D vision mobile robots and complete software solutions for autonomous indoor and outdoor operations, the company helps businesses solve their most complex supply chain challenges: rising customer expectations, increased product variability and logistics volumes, growing variety of distribution channels, and ultimately, labor shortage.

DB Schenker is one of the world’s leading global logistics providers, supporting industry and trade in the worldwide exchange of goods through land transport, worldwide air and ocean freight, contract logistics, and supply chain management. With more than 2100 locations and around 74,200 employees worldwide, the company strives to become the world’s leading partner in logistics, embracing a forward and future-oriented approach. As part of their innovation and digitalization efforts, DB Schenker engages in fruitful collaborations with innovative startup businesses through its Start-up Management program.

Volocopter is building the world’s first sustainable and scalable urban air mobility business to bring affordable air taxi services to megacities worldwide. With the VoloCity, the company is developing the first fully electric “eVTOL” aircraft in certification to transport passengers safely and quietly within cities. Volocopter leads and cooperates with partners in infrastructure, operations, and air traffic management to build the ecosystem necessary to ‘Bring Urban Air Mobility to Life’.


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