Gideon Brothers making waves at industry-specific events

June 10, 2019

Gideon Brothers sparked considerable interest at the Supply Chain Summit in Zagreb, one of the first open-to-the-public events where the Croatian AI and robotics company presented its solutions. Gideon Brothers is preparing for more public events and trade shows later this year, including Motek in Stuttgart.

The Zagreb Supply Chain Summit, held in mid-May, drew attendees from Croatia and the region, with an industry-relevant crowd swarming Gideon Brothers’ Chief Growth Officer and Co-Founder Milan Račić.

„At Gideon Brothers, we see robots and artificial intelligence as just another tool for people to use. It’s a sophisticated tool, but it’s a tool like any other – like a sophisticated screwdriver or a tractor. We think it’s a waste of people’s talent and their health to be doing some of the menial jobs that they do right now when machines could do it much better and more efficiently. That’s the basis of our pitch to companies and what we tell them is that this is not a revolutionary operation – it’s an evolutionary operation. In the same way, the assembly lines were an evolutionary operation. This evolution will bring revolutionary bottom line results to them, which is what executives care about,” said Milan Račić, Gideon Brothers’ Chief Growth Officer and Co-Founder.

At Supply Chain Summit Belgrade, the sister conference held in Serbia in late May, significant interest was drawn by Ivan Šantorić, COO at Tokić, the largest Croatian car parts retailer – and the first company to deploy Gideon Brothers’ collaborative logistics robots. Mr. Šantorić spoke of the Gideon Brothers’ project from their viewpoint as a user, including the practicalities of the roll-out, implementation, and further plans.

A more tech-oriented crowd was drawn to a talk held by Danel Guja, a Machine Learning Engineer and Semantics Team Lead, who spoke of Gideon Brothers’ technological approach allowing the robots to understand their environment, bringing superior navigation and localization capabilities. The talk was hosted by Data Science Croatia, a non-profit organization whose members include some of Croatia’s top data science experts and programmers.

Some of the top global consulting groups are also taking notice of Gideon Brothers. A senior consultant with Boston Consulting Group, Lucija Vidiš Roić, while presenting BCG’s 2019 The Most Innovative Companies report, which showcases the various AI applications by the innovative global giants, highlighted Atlantic Grupa, a regional FMCG leader, as a local example due to their deployment of Gideon Brothers’ robots.
Also, a PwC branch invited Gideon Brothers to present at a recent conference of partners from their Luxembourg operations. The internal conference was held in Rovinj, Croatia.


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