Gideon Brothers listed (again) as #1 tech startup in Croatia

February 18, 2020

CB Insights, a tech market intelligence platform, listed Gideon Brothers among the most well-funded tech startups in Europe. With funding of nearly €5 million (€4.83 million), Gideon Brothers take the top place in Croatia.

The tech market intelligence firm compiled data on tech startups in every European country and highlighted top funded players. The list includes unicorns like Sweden’s Klarna and Germany’s mobile banking platform, N26. CB Insights notes that 8 of the 37 companies featured in their survey are unicorns (with disclosed valuations of $1B+).

The region is home to 16 countries whose most well-funded tech startup raised over $100M in equity funding, according to the report.

Gideon Brothers was founded in early 2017 and focuses on mobile robot autonomy based on stereo cameras and AI. The company is led by five co-founders: CEO Matija Kopić, Chief Growth Officer Milan Račić,  Head of Autonomous Technologies Josip Ćesić, Head of Hardware Development Edin Kočo, and Head of Robotic Interface & Customer Success Kruno Stražanac.

The company employs a team of 75 persons, including 10 PhDs and 46 Masters.


Co-Founder Bios

Matija Kopić, CEO and Co-Founder, is a two-time entrepreneur. He is a Seedcamp winner (2010) and 500 Startups class of 2011, with his former company, Farmeron (sold in 2016).

Milan Račić, Chief Growth Officer and Co-Founder, comes from an aerospace manufacturing background in Canada (Bombardier), the US and Germany (Fairchild Dornier) and has negotiated over $2 billion in sales, corporate finance, and structured finance transactions.

Josip Ćesić, Head of Autonomous Technologies and Co-Founder, is a specialist in DATMO and SLAM algorithms that allow for self-driving cars, over 60 research citations.

Edin Kočo, Head of Hardware Development and Co-Founder, Designed & built nuclear plant inspection robots, over 30 research citations.

Kruno Stražanac, Head of Robot Interface & Customer Success and Co-Founder, is a big data, data analysis, and technical support expert.


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