Gideon Brothers invited to Henkel X, an entrepreneurial platform

Consumer products giant Henkel invited Gideon Brothers, the Croatian robotics and AI company, to present its revolutionary autonomous logistics robot, the only European robot with stereo camera-based visual perception, at a start-up event in Düsseldorf. The event is part of Henkel X, the company’s platform aiming at bringing together Henkel’s internal expertise and the insights and creativity of external partners.

Henkel X is „an agile, hyper-connected and entrepreneurial platform for collaboration and innovation“ fostering open collaboration of „smartest network and industry partners. The platform is led by the company’s Chief Digital Officer, Dr. Rahmyn Kress and his team, focusing on driving innovation and exploring disruptive new business models. Henkel’s ambition is to unite and accelerate the group’s entrepreneurial transformation, offering a collaborative approach across all industry sectors, Henkel notes.

At the Henkel X event in Düsseldorf, Matija Kopić, Gideon Brothers CEO, and Milan Račić, Chief Growth Officer, highligted clear opportunities offered by autonomous logistics robots in the fast transforming consumer products business.

Matija Kopić, Gideon Brothers Co-Founder and CEO, said:

„Gideon Brothers has launched a European revolution in autonomous robotics with our camera-based visual perception and advanced deep learning capabilities. This is truly a warehouse robot set to carry the load of Industry 4.0 transformation.“

Milan Račić, Gideon Brothers Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer, said:

„Our investors and launch partners recognize the potential for the rise in productivity that we bring to their logistics operations. And we are talking intensely with potential new partners, who are all seeking ways to raise their competitiveness.“

In December, Gideon Brothers unveiled the prototype of its first commercial product, the autonomous logistics robot that is being rolled out in pilot projects at three leading Croatian multinationals: Atlantic Grupa, Orbico and Tokić. The company also revealed its investors, from Croatia and abroad, who have so far invested a total of 16.3 million kuna (€2.2 million, US$2.5 million).

About Gideon Brothers

The company was founded in 2017 and has offices in Zagreb and Osijek. Its 64-person team includes 6 PhDs and 27 Masters of robotics hardware and AI software.

Matija Kopić, CEO and Co-Founder, is a two-time entrepreneur. He is a Seedcamp winner (2010) and 500 Startups class of 2011, with his former company, Farmeron (sold in 2016).

Milan Račić, Chief Growth Officer and Co-Founder, comes from an aerospace manufacturing background in Canada (Bombardier), the US and Germany (Fairchild Dornier) and has negotiated over $2 billion in sales, corporate finance and structured finance .

Josip Ćesić, Head of Autonomous Technologies and Co-Founder, co-creator of the world’s best performing Simultaneous Localization and Mapping algorithms (based on stereo cameras), over 60 research citations.

Edin Kočo, Head of Hardware Development and Co-Founder, Designed & built nuclear plant inspection robots, over 30 research citations.

Kruno Stražanac, Head of Robot Interface & Customer Success and Co-Founder, big data, data analysis and technical support expert.


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