Gideon Brothers invited to become a member of Hardware Club

Gideon Brothers has been invited to become a member of Hardware Club Paris, an exclusive community-based venture firm. Membership will provide the Croatia-based robotics and AI company with access to a network of hardware founders, global partners, as well as Hardware Club’s online platform and private events.

Hardware Club, which has HQs in San Francisco, Paris and Tokyo, selects hardware startups developing “game-changing technologies and products” and helps them scale globally. One aspect of Hardware Club’s work is giving startups an opportunity to join an impressive community of hardware founders – over 700 of them, from 30 countries, boasting a total of 400 members and $600 million in VC funding. However, Hardware Club’s network also includes over 60 supply chain partners, helping their members find manufacturing partners, as well as more than 55 distribution partners, from online distributers to brick&mortar retailers.

The organization also has a fund to invest at early stages in some of its members, those which have „outstanding founders, building game-changing products or technologies, targeting very large markets“, Hardware Club notes.

Matija Kopić, Gideon Brothers CEO and co-Founder, said:

The technology that Gideon Brothers is developing will change the warehouse environment in logistics and manufacturing, and we are excited that Hardware Club has recognized our potential. Becoming a part of Hardware Club’s network will give us an incredible opportunity to showcase our strengths and reach new partners.

Milan Račić, Chief Growth Officer and co-Founder, added:

In Gideon Brothers, we fully expect to have a steep growth trajectory, scaling up globally to cater to some of the world’s largest companies in logistics and manufacturing. Joining Hardware Club’s network gives us leverage to move forward faster. We have an incredible team and are developing great technology to move the world.

Update December 2018:

Hardware Club joined over 20 investors who invested in Gideon Brothers a total of 2.2 million euro in two seed investment rounds in 2018.

On the occasion, Jerry Yang, General Partner at Hardware Club, said:

Other than having an amazing entrepreneurial team, Gideon Brothers is also the most impressive when it comes to excellence in all aspects of this business. At Hardware Club we’ve evaluated many warehouse robotics start-ups. Some claim to be best in machine vision. Some have impressive robotics design. A few work with clients closely. However, as far as I know only Gideon Brothers manages to hit on all cylinders at such an early stage. I have full confidence in Matija and the team and am excited to be part of the journey.




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