Edin Kočo joins Gideon Brothers as Head of Hardware Development

Gideon Brothers is happy to announce an addition to the company’s management  team, Dr. Edin Kočo. Dr. Kočo will lead a team of electrical and mechanical engineers as Head of Hardware Development. He joins the company as a Co-Founder as well.

Dr. Kočo has a background in hardware and software development, as well as  mechanical engineering. Previously, he worked at Zagreb University, as a member of the Laboratory for Robotics and Intelligent Control Systems at FER (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing). There, he designed and built biologically-inspired quadruped robots, which was also the focus of his PhD thesis „Hybrid compliance control and feet trajectory optimization for a bioinspired quadruped robot“.

He worked on industry related projects, developing an advanced nuclear reactor inspection system which included ultrasonic, eddy current and visual inspection components and was based on dual 6-axis robotic manipulators for hazardous environments. As a contract software engineer he developed custom software solutions for nuclear power plant NDT inspection robots in Kozloduy (Bulgaria), Kudankulam (India), Metsamor (Armenia) and Leningrad (Russia).

As a tribute to his academic excellence, he earned his Master’s Degree, also from FER, with Summa Cum Laude honors. He also received the „Josip Lončar“ Bronze Plaque from FER, a Dean’s award given as recognition of excellence, as well as a Rector’s Award from Zagreb University, an award given out for students’ papers.

His papers have been published in international journals, including the International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems and Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems.

Gideon Brothers’ new Head of Hardware Development had this to say:

Joining Gideon Brothers' team has given me an opportunity to focus on creating robotic systems that are reshaping the boundaries of what is possible. The idea of being able to create robots that are at the cutting edge of modern robotics is what led me to choose a career in electronics and automation, and I have recognized this drive in Gideon Brothers’ vision as well. I am looking forward to challenges ahead of us.
Dr. Edin Kočo, Co-Founder and Head of Hardware Development

Matija Kopić, Gideon Brothers’ Co-Founder and CEO, commented:

We are excited that Edin has accepted to join our team. His vision, passion and an impressive academic excellence are inspiring and will help Gideon Brothers power ahead on our ambitious roadmap.
Matija Kopić, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer


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