Autonomous Mobile Robotics Company, Gideon Brothers, is Europe’s Top AI Startup

Autonomous Mobile Robotics Company, Gideon Brothers, is Europe’s Top AI Startup


  • Croatian autonomous mobile robotics company, Gideon Brothers, won Founders Factory AI Startup Award at the Founders Forum in London.
  • The company makes a robot autonomy system that upgrades manual industrial machines into self-driving robots.
  • Their first commercial application is a fully autonomous indoor logistics transport vehicle capable of shuttling 800 kg.
  • $765k early seed round led by Taavet Hinrikus, Co-Founder of Transferwise. Key investors: David Rowan (WIRED UK) and prominent Croatian angel investors.
  • Gideon Brothers’ tech departs from competitors by relying on camera-first, 3D perception of the world – enabled by deep learning – to autonomously navigate dynamic indoor environments.

Croatian robotics and A.I. startup, Gideon Brothers, won the Founders Factory AI Rising Stars award at the 12th annual London-based Founders Forum. By winning it, the 37-person crew of Robotics and AI engineers (5 PhDs; 27 Masters) became Europe’s best Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup.

The win marks the first of two major scores for Croatian tech in recent days. This morning, Croatian electric hypercar vehicle company – Rimac Automobili – announced that Porsche AG purchased a 10% stake in their company.

Gideon Brothers Co-Founder & CEO, Matija Kopić, presented the company’s AI-powered 3D vision robot autonomy solution that they affectionately call “The Brain”. Their brand of robot autonomy layers deep learning on top of camera-based perception to create a new type of robot vision that is as reliable but 10 x cheaper than LIDAR and (unlike LIDAR) data-rich.

The combination of hardware and software carries the capacity to convert a wide variety of industrial machines and vehicles into autonomous mobile robots that are safe in dynamic, people-filled spaces. The company will collaborate with the manufacturers of indoor industrial machines to upgrade their existing product mix with AI to transform manual machinery into autonomous (self-driving) robots.

"This is one of the leading deep tech teams in Europe. They have a breakthrough product which addresses a very real and large industrial workforce problem." 
Taavet Hinrikus, Co-Founder of Transferwise.

Gideon Brothers’ first commercial application of „The Brain“ is a pallet handling logistics robot capable of carrying up to 800 kg and designed to work safely with humans and other moving machines in industrial environments. Logistics is a market that is currently in love with mobile robots. The market has shown steep growth since 2015 and will breach $22bn by 2021. MiR, a competitor, was just bought by Teradyne in April 2018 for $265.8M.

Gideon’s launch partners have combined revenues of $3.16bn, operate in over 40 countries & over 8,500 employees.


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