Automation brings a net positive outlook for jobs

January 29, 2019

The human share of labour hours will drop due to robots and automation in general – a World Economic Forum report estimates this will fall from 71% to 58% by 2025. However, this does not mean that total number of jobs will fall. A poll by Manpower Group, one of the three largest global staffing companies, is another confirmation of this trend.

Manpower Group asked 19,000 companies what the impact of automation on job growth would be in their organization in the next two years. Almost all – 87% – of companies expect that they will maintain or increase the number of employees even with automation. Only 9% expect that the total numbers will decrease. Other insights from the 2019 WEF Annual Meeting in Davos confirm a net positive outlook for jobs thanks to automation.

Corporate insights point to a future where there will be more work – for both humans and the machines

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