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Optimize intra-logistics goods transport · Maximize existing space · Improve safety & worker satisfaction · Gain insight into workflows ·
Delegate low-value & time intensive tasks to fully-autonomous machines
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1300 × 890 × 310 mm
800kg [capacity]

160mm [height]
5 s [lift]

2 m/s [drive]
360 degree sensor coverage

Sound & light indicators

STOP buttons
10h range
"hot-swappable" option makes for convenient charging
Mapping takes an hour
Requires no markers, magnetic tape or beacons
15,000 hours operating time
Engineering support

"We understand change and have a passion for winning. We win consistently because we build simple and flexible organizations adaptable to change. Changes will only accelerate in the future and our partnership with Gideon Brothers gives us the AI and Robotics tools to shape the future. Gideon Brothers brings us intelligent automation, which will ensure that we continue winning well into the future."

Branko Roglić, Owner and President of the Supervisory Board, Orbico:

˝Tokić is currently mobilizing the best people to realize our goals of international expansion into other EU markets, and we are also looking to provide our employees with the best possible tools to help get us there. This is why we are excited at the opportunity to join with Gideon Brothers to bring intelligent automation to our operations, to replicate the success that we have achieved in Croatia, but on an international stage.˝

Ivan Gadže, Chief Executive Officer, Tokić Ltd:

˝Atlantic Grupa became one of Central and Eastern Europe's leading food companies by focusing on excellence - in products, in service and in people. We see digital transformation as an important element of our future competitiveness and therefore are excited about our upcoming pilot project with Gideon Brothers in the field of AI and robotics in our logistics operations.˝

Mladen Pejković, Senior Executive Director for ICT, Business Development and Corporate Strategy, Atlantic Grupa:

Behind Gideon's Autonomy Stack

The Anatomy of Next-Generation Autonomy

Inspired By Human Vision

Stereo Cameras Perceive in 3D
Landmarks in the environment are indexed via inputs from stereo-cameras. Camera-based perception captures what LiDAR (scanning a single 2D plane) simply cannot

360º Visibility
Cameras provide the visual localization inputs that inform 3D SLAM, 3D “voxel” grids & Dense Scene Reconstruction


Built-In Understanding

Semantic Segmentation
Sees an object; knows what it is – for safer mobility and more flexibility in designing future use cases.

Maps Traversability
Answers its own question – can this floor space be traversed? Bases the answer on various factors such as the absence of obstacles, holes, etc.

Depth & Optical Flow
Image processing layered with neural networks. The old perceived in a new way to gain new insight.


Go Anywhere

More Safely
“Socially Aware” perception
Perceives everything in its field of vision, not just on a 2D plane

More Autonomously
Localization tied to immovable objects
Navigates even in open, unstructured & constantly changing spaces (unlike LiDAR)



Managing The Fleet

Using the intuitive, web-based robot interface app, you can:
  • Create & manage missions and view actions
  • See a live view of where your fleet is on the facility map
  • Monitor hardware status and safety
  • Monitor performance indicators
  • Set-up rules and no-go zones
  • Set-up and edit maps on the go
  • Import missions from your WMS

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