The next generation of autonomous mobile robots powered by AI and 3D vision

Automate and orchestrate the most complex industrial processes with intelligent material handling solutions for large, unstructured indoor and outdoor environments.

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Unlock your growth potential.

Optimize your business for operational efficiency and automate for growth.

Increase throughput productivity, improve ROI and reduce operations and labor costs.

Transform your material handling operations with intelligent automation without the cost and hurdle of infrastructure change or change in workflows.

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Stay flexible and resilient.

Scalable solutions for agile workflows.

Scale up and scale down, where and when your business needs it.

Our vertically integrated automation solutions can be easily modified and adapted to your processes, labor variability, and sudden changes in your business environment.

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Discover new synergies.

Continuous optimization and orchestration of the warehouse floor.

Become a learning facility by tying it all together with central data-driven orchestration software.

Coordinate and optimize the flow of goods, people, robots, equipment, and data, unlocking the untapped opportunities to increase process efficiency in real-time.

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Safe and simple to install and use. 

Get straight down to business, increase productivity and employee satisfaction.

By automating the tedious, and heavy tasks that few humans want to take on, your employees have more time for value-added activities, contributing to employee satisfaction and retention.

With above-industry standard safety integrated into our solutions and an intuitive interface for simplified robot control, you increase overall productivity and simultaneously reduce the risk of workplace injury for humans and reduce equipment damage.

Customer story: DB Schenker

The DB Schenker Leipzig facility, the company’s largest supply center worldwide, has deployed a fleet of Gideon Brothers’ LiftBot models, heavy-duty pallet carriers, and Gideon Brothers’ Fleet Management System.

Our visual autonomous mobile robots automated tasks within the order fulfillment process, facilitating workflow and allowing employees to focus on more complex tasks.

Portrait of Frank Rother, Branch Manager Leipzig

“It’s a great opportunity to improve our processes, efficiency, and ergonomics. […] Normally, you have a colleague who transports the pallets, and sometimes you have a delay, and that doesn’t happen if you have a robot.”

Frank Rother, Branch Manager Leipzig

Gideon Brothers ranked a Top Innovator by ABI research

We are honored to be recognized as Top Innovator by ABI Research, based on its Industrial Robotics for Material Handling competitive ranking study, 1Q 2021.

Banner stating: ABI Research Competitive Ranking - Industrial Robotics for Material Handling Top Innovator Award presented to Gideon Brothers.

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